The International Committee for Breaking the Siege of Gaza announces that the literature judging committees has completed its mission. These committees were formed to evaluate the poetry and short stories submitted by participants in the competition “Keys to the Future of Palestine”. The judging committees completed the screening, reading and evaluation of all the pieces submitted for the competition in Arabic which was about 400 from many Arab countries.

The International committee in cooperation with the Palestine House for Poetry and Return Culture announced the competition in late February as part of a larger competition organised by the Freedom Flotilla Coalition (FFC) in three languages: English, Spanish and Arabic. The aim of the competition was to draw the attention of the world to the suffering of the people of Gaza, who have been trapped for eleven years. This comes in alignment with international public events accompanying the launch of the new Freedom Flotilla, which consists of a number of small ships carrying dozens of activists and public figures who are heading to Gaza and demanding the break of the illegal Blockade and freedom for Palestine and its people.

After a massive voluntarily effort by the literature judges during the last two months, consisting of Dr. Mohamed Touklna and poet Sameer Attieh for poetry; Dr. Mohammad Makram and story teller Abeer Al-Nahas for short story, the committees unanimously decided that the winning pieces are as follows:

First: Poetic poem contest:

* First winner: Mohamed Ziad Choudab – Syria.

Title of the poem: Some of the remains

* The second winner: Mohamed Saleh bin Yagla Ben Ammar Ben Ali – Algeria.

The title of the poem: Gaza

* Third winner: Said Obaid – Morocco.

The title of the poem: Sources of light

Second: short story contest

* First winner: Radwan Ben Yamaneh Algeria.

The title of the story: Mariam.

* The second winner: Ibrahim Anwar Mohammed al-Rrantisi – Palestine.

The title of the story: Playing tunes in the camp

* Third winner: Rizk Mohammad Ghazi Rushdi Algharabli – Palestinian in Malaysia.

The title of the story: Thunder, Lightning and Surfactant

Upon announcing the winning pieces, the International Committee offers its sincere respect and congratulations to the winners for their specified prizes. It also thanks the hundreds who participated by either submitting poetry or short stories but were unlucky this time. The number of interactions and participation in the competition indicated a high interest in the Palestinian cause among the Arab writers; which confirms their clear connection with Palestine in general and Gaza under the Israeli blockade for eleven years.

The International Committee and the Freedom Flotilla Alliance also expresses their gratitude and appreciation to the members of the judging committees, whose hard work ensured the accomplishment of this mission.

The Committee confirms that it will endeavour to translate the winning pieces and short stories into Spanish and English. The winning pieces in English and Spanish will be translated into Arabic. The committee will also endeavour to disseminate the winning pieces on a wide scale to contribute to the global awareness about the suffering of the people of Gaza and Palestinians in general under occupation.


London, 29-5-2018


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