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Approximately one billion people worldwide rely on fish as their primary protein source. Many of these people live in poverty and many of the world’s 54 million fishers are also poor. Gaza, a 43km coastal strip of land, has traditionally depended heavily on its inshore fishery to feed its population of nearly 2 million Palestinians. ​O​ver the past nine years, the ability of ​Gaza’s people to make​ a living from ​fishing​ has been severely undermined as a result of fishing access limits imposed by the Israeli authorities along the Gaza coast.

Solidarity with Gaza Fishers is a campaign of the Freedom Flotilla Coalition which aims to link the struggle of Palestinian fishers in Gaza, under blockade and under constant attacks by Israel, with their counterparts in countries all over the world, and to build international civil society support for the end of Israel’s illegal blockade of Gaza.

Our partners in Gaza include the Union of Agricultural Work Committees, which represents Palestinian fishers.