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How to Help?

How can I support this Solidarity with Gaza Fishers project and the Freedom Flotilla Coalition’s other campaigns to end the blockade of Gaza?

Our work needs financial donations, endorsements and volunteers in order to run. In order to sail again with larger numbers of participants in 2018, we will need boats, equipment and volunteers with maritime expertise, as well as help spreading the word about the situation facing Palestinians in Gaza. Please contact any one of the Freedom Flotilla Coalition campaigns involved in Solidarity with Gaza Fishers listed below with your support. We would also like to hear from you about the struggles and challenges faced by inshore fisheries in your communities.

Canadian Boat to Gaza

Freedom Flotilla Italia

MyCARE Malaysia

Kia Ora Gaza New Zealand/Aotearoa

Ship to Gaza Norway

Ship to Gaza Sweden

Palestine Solidarity Alliance South Africa

Rumbo a Gaza Spain and outreach to Latin America

US Boat to Gaza

International Committee for Breaking the Siege of Gaza