Update March 14, 2018

PCHR informs that the Israeli supreme court “…After deliberation, the court decided to cancel the interim order and return the body to Gaza today at 10:00. PCHR strongly emphasizes that the Israeli inhuman policy of detaining the Palestinian corpses and bartering them is unjustified and immoral and calls for ending this policy which is in a flagrant disregard for all religious and human values in all cases and circumstances.”

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Following the attack by Israel occupation forces on Gaza fishers Sunday Feb 25, our partners in Gaza, UAWC, pass us this

Urgent Appeal

  1. The Union of Agricultural Work Committees and Palestinian Peasants’ Movement call all International organizations and  International Committees of the Red Cross- ICRC to take its responsibilities to find out the fate of the fisherman: Ismail Saleh Abu Reyala. In this Urgent Appeal, we raise our voices with Ismail’s family demanding everyone who has the ability to help us to figure out the fate of the fisherman, Ismail Saleh Abu Reyala.
  2. it is the fundamental right of the fisherman’s family and his relatives to know the fate of their son, and if he was killed, it is their basic right to receive his body and bury him.

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